While choosing the school uniform, you need to pay attention to two factors, comfort and security. The fabric you choose should be able to make your children feel comfortable and also provide safety to their skin. If your children feel comfortable they will easily concentrate on their studies and will be able to participate in other activities of the school. There are several accessories available in the school uniforms for boys and girls both.

Things you have to look while choosing school uniform

Non organic colors

A different color has been used in the process of finishing clothes that includes several chemicals. This method is completely stable but the chemical agents available in colors can affect the skin. these chemicals can pass on from the skin to the blood stream and it is found in many students due to which now schools are paying attention on  the use of organic colors so that it is safe for the students.

It is necessary to go with light color of school uniform because dark colors consist of more chemicals and children have to wear the school uniform for a long time.

Fabric –

  • Polyester – There are many school uniforms that are made from plain polyester or poly cotton mix clothes only because of its durability. But this fabric does not allow the skin to breathe properly which can cause several skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, etc.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a light fabric that makes you feel relaxed in your school uniform. This fabric is little expensive than others and also shrinks on the first wash. But this fabric is one of the best as it is skin friendly and also breathable.
  • Nylon – When it comes to the school uniform, this fabric is also taken into considered. It is popular for its synthetic material that provides resistant to heat. But there is one drawback of using this fabric is that it shrinks easily when it absorbs moisture.
  • Wool – This type of fabric is used only in winter season. Wools get combined with other fabric when it used to make school uniform because pure wool might irritate the skin of children.

Wrinkle and stain resistant coating

There are many coatings such as wrinkle free or stain resisting coating used to make school uniform. These coatings are categorized as an agent that can cause cancer because these agents get absorb in the blood stream through the contact of child’s skin. The more these sort of clothes get washed; the chances of migrating chemical increases.

Hence, try to go with organic cotton clothes that has been certified by GOTS for school uniforms that might be little more expensive but it can provides you guarantee about pesticides free or toxin free garments. This can be helpful for making your child healthy and safe. For more information, Please visit : https://www.cookieskids.com.